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Stuff Happens It’s Not the End

Stuff Happens It’s Not the End

Update: 2020-09-25


Welcome to the Winning Season Podcast with this week’s featured guest Tawana Anderson. Tawana is the author of Bruised and Broken to Shine: A Memoir, she is the mother of twins, a traveler, and a fantastic cook.

In this episode, Tawana talks about the idea SHINE, which stands for Stuff Happens It’s Not the End. She discusses the importance of letting go of the darkness and shame of a person’s past and finding your inner shine.

She wants others to shine their light because a person may look like they have it all together, but in reality, they could be thinking about themselves in a negative way. The practice is to let your light shine to be the best version of yourself, and she has different practices and programs to help others find their light. Her programs include getting together with women to share their light and travel with others to experience new things.

Bruised and Broken to Shine: A Memoir, Tawana’s story, and ways to let your light shine. You can reach Tawana at or on Instagram at tawana_shine. You can purchase her book either on Amazon or on her website. You can also

join the Shine Lifestyle group on Facebook for women who are wanting to be part of the SHINE


“I shared a lot of stuff about me just to show people that you will have these bruises and these breaks and people will call you broken but that’s how you get to your shine. That shine is inside of you.” --Tawana Anderson

Top Takeaways:

  •  Stuff Happens It’s Not the End

  • Tawana realized there were a lot of people that felt that she did where you live your life,

  • make mistakes, and you’re not shining your inner light.

  • In order to find your inner light, you have to embrace your bruises and brokenness.

  • Tawana encourages potential writers to think of the person or the people that they

  • want to impact and help with their story.

  • Journaling and writing your stories and experiences is a great practice, but also be sure

  • to go back to read how far you have come and the lessons you have learned.

  • The biggest critic a person has can be is themselves, and you have to stop punishing

  • yourself. Find ways to love yourself and embrace your inner light.

  • The SHINE lifestyle is about how you live every day and learning how to live your life in

  • stuff happens it’s not the end mindset.

  • There are many different ways to take care of yourself in the best ways. Some do yoga,

  • some read helpful books, some journal, so find the best ways that speak to your life to

  • help you get through it.

  • Keep applying SHINE to 2020 because stuff happens but keep moving forward. Let your

  • light shine even in these darkest of times.

  • Just because you live a SHINE lifestyle does not mean you will shine all the time, but you

  • should strive for it daily even when you are not feeling it.

 If you going to worry, don’t pray. If you’re going to pray, don’t worry.


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Stuff Happens It’s Not the End

Stuff Happens It’s Not the End

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