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Stupid Shit You See on Social Media

Stupid Shit You See on Social Media

Update: 2021-06-14


Have you ever looked at your social media feed and thought “this is stupid” ?

Have you ever considered the positives and negatives associated with social media?

I bet you can’t wait to hear about the stupid shit Dianne and Abby found on social media about breastfeeding!

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Things we talked about:

Social media and the positive outcomes [3:21 ]

Some downsides to social media breast / chest feeding information [5:35 ]

Abby’s first example of shit social media information [8:51 ]

The one that started it all [11:17 ]

The PURPLE drink [19:04 ]

The meal plan [20:52 ]

The calorie count shit [24:54 ]

Yoga to increase milk supply? [25:47 ]

Pumping [28:41 ]

Getting your body back [31:15 ]

The Gatorade Dilemma [32:09 ]


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Stupid Shit You See on Social Media

Stupid Shit You See on Social Media

Dianne Cassidy & Abby Theuring