DiscoverHappy Space Podcast with Clare KumarSuccess Strategies from a Productivity Pioneer - with Harold Taylor
Success Strategies from a Productivity Pioneer - with Harold Taylor

Success Strategies from a Productivity Pioneer - with Harold Taylor

Update: 2022-08-08


If you’ve listened to earlier episodes, you’ll know that I love to shine a light on successful fellow HSPs. I’m very happy to introduce you to Harold Taylor. If you’ve already met him, you'll know why.

Harold and I recently chatted for another podcast I have been hosting for two years, the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professional’s (NAPO) show “Stand Out”. After 45 years as an icon in the industry, I knew Harold would have valuable time management and state of the industry insights to share. On this show though, I wanted to tap into Harold’s skills at navigating both work and life successfully as an HSP. You’ll hear how Harold always knew he was sensitive but he found out about the trait very recently. Harold shares some real gems about better managing both our professional and personal lives.

Harold Taylor has been an entrepreneur and major icon in the time management areas for over 45 years running Harold Taylor Time Consultants, Inc. in both Canada and the US.  He has been a speaker and prolific author with over twenty hardcover books, forty e-books, over 250 articles, and over fifty time management products.  He earned the Certified Speaking Professional designation from the National Speakers Association. He is a fellow member of an organization I’m also proud to belong to, the Canadian Assocation of Professional Speaker’s (CAPS) and was inducted into their Hall of Fame in 1998. A past director of the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals, Harold received their Founder’s Award in 1999 for outstanding contributions to the organizing profession. And how’s this for coming full circle? The Founder’s Award was later renamed the Harold Taylor Award and I’m proud to say I received it back in 2013. I hope you enjoy meeting an icon!

Enjoy our conversation as you’ll discover more about Harold and his strategies for a success life and career:

00:06:40   The benefits of sensitivity

00:09:13   Advice for speakers 

00:12:45   Who do you need to be when you get an opportunity

00:16:46   Truth in humor

00:21:06   Letting go of limiting beliefs

00:26:11   Time management battlefield is no longer in the office

00:28:50   Elaine Aaron’s book

00:32:29   Creativity and nature

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Success Strategies from a Productivity Pioneer - with Harold Taylor

Success Strategies from a Productivity Pioneer - with Harold Taylor

Clare Kumar