DiscoverThe YOD PodSuicide in Doctors - In loving memory of Dr Liz Sizer
Suicide in Doctors - In loving memory of Dr Liz Sizer

Suicide in Doctors - In loving memory of Dr Liz Sizer

Update: 2021-12-01


Suicide in Doctors  - A deeply moving and powerful YODPod episode. That is all we can say. 

Dr Elizabeth Sizer tragically died by suicide in 2016. She was a loving cousin to Dr Dan Gearon, our YOD CEO & Founder - and devoted sister to Kate, our inspirational podcast guest.

You Okay, Doc? was created in loving memory of Dr Liz Sizer.

Heartbreakingly, it is reported that a doctor takes their own life every 3 weeks in the UK - and that was before the pandemic. Our charity exists to try to ensure no doctor ever needs to feel like that again. 

  • Kate speaks so powerfully in this episode about her sister's mental health, the impact she feels that being a doctor had on that and what more could have been done. Reasons such as an inability to speak out, all-encompassing burnout  & learning to keep your emotions inside as 'part of the job' until it's too late - are uncomfortably familiar to us all.
  • Hosted by our brilliant Founding Ambassador Dr Katrina - who too speaks so honestly about her she overcame her own struggles - in a way that you can't help but be inspired to feel empowered to do the same. 
  • The power of community for doctors is spoken about often in this episode - endorsing Prof. Greenberg's statement that resilience is built between individuals not within. You Okay, Doc? is so proud of the community it's creating where every doctor can always feel safe, supported and valued. 
  • Amongst the words of intense pain in this episode there is also hope - & a belief that we all have the power to make a change and be there for each other. 
  • YODPod Psychotherapist, Chris Cherry, expertly draws insights and conclusions from this conversation that we hope will help all that listen help themselves and those around.

Thank you to all that took part in this deeply powerful and moving conversation.

This podcast is sponsored by #FirstRespondersFirst. We are privileged and proud to partner with them to support doctors' mental health across the globe. 


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It is worth noting that this is a conversational piece and the opinions and views are of those in this discussion in its own context at that time of the recording. You Okay, Doc? is a charity supporting the mental health and wellbeing of doctors.  Throughout our podcasts, we discuss issues affecting physical, emotional and mental wellbeing that at times some may find upsetting, if you find yourself affected by these please seek professional help.

As a charity, we need your help to keep going and develop to support and raise awareness of mental health for Doctors.  Please check out our website and our Instagram page to find out more and stay up to date with us.  If you would like, you can also text donate to support the You Okay, Doc? charity by texting.  To donate £3 text 'DOCTOR' to 70331,  or to donate £5 text 'DOCTOR' to 70970.  Thank you for listening and we look forward to creating more content.   See you on the next YOD pod.

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Suicide in Doctors - In loving memory of Dr Liz Sizer

Suicide in Doctors - In loving memory of Dr Liz Sizer

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