DiscoverSports HonchosSuper Bowl Sports Honchos Spectacular!
Super Bowl Sports Honchos Spectacular!

Super Bowl Sports Honchos Spectacular!

Update: 2022-02-10


Hosted by Paul C. Cuthbert and Robert Kuney.

The Honchos welcomed the month of February with a super romantic showgram as we approach Valentine’s Day. The love fest started with some mask talk, Paul’s son going to his first hockey game, snow on the Island, and why Jackass Forever is such a romantic movie. This is the 51st showgram and in the “Who Wore It Best” segment, the Honchos put the spotlight on NFL legend Dick Butkus, the Hall of Fame LB for the Chicago Bears. After showering Butkus with affection it was time for some Headlines. There were stories of fishing, dipping sauce, fundraising gone bad, and tattoos.

The focus of tonight’s showgram, besides love, was football, football, and more football. And arguing. The Honchos debated the racist undertones of Nebraska’s Herbie Husker mascot before diving headfirst into the NFL. It is Super Bowl Week friendos! The Honchos took a deep dive into the Super Bowl, analyzed the game, picked a winner, and reminisced about some great commercials. The football follies continued with a courageous conversation over whether Cincinnati should be closing schools the day after the Super Bowl, Brady’s retirement, and, finally, an economy-sized, heart-shaped box filled with anxiety over the state of the NFL and barriers to entry in light of the Brian Flores lawsuit. Buckle up. It got rocky.

There was so much football packed (like Elvis’s colon) into the showgram that we had to ditch the NHL/NBA/MLB segment at the altar. It will be back next week we promise!

The Honchos went out on a high note with the wide smile and open-mouthed kiss they like to call the Dope of the Week. This week’s winner was Stony Brook University in Long Island. Yes, an entire institution. A first for the Honchos!

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Super Bowl Sports Honchos Spectacular!

Super Bowl Sports Honchos Spectacular!

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