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Super Honchos Super Bowl Hangover!

Super Honchos Super Bowl Hangover!

Update: 2022-02-17


Hosted by Paul C. Cuthbert and Robert Kuney.

Episode 52 was the Honchos Super Bowl hangover episode, so it was (almost) all football, all the time. After some show-opening small talk about vacations and family, the Honchos started the festivities with the “Who Wore It Best” segment. Today they paid tribute to NFL Hall of Fame linebacker Ray Lewis who wore number 52 with the Baltimore Ravens. Before leaving the non-football portion of the showgram, there were a few Headlines, which included snow blower rampages, Valentine’s Day candy, and the worst Black History Month tribute ever.

There was only one thing in the sack of sports and that, of course, was a thorough autopsy on Super Bowl 56. The Honchos tackled (see what we did there) all aspects of the big game, plus the halftime show of course, as the Honchos waved goodbye to football as it went into hibernation for the Winter and Spring. Just because there can never be enough football yak, the Honchos also rapped about the newest NFL expansion team, the Washington Commanders, including thoughts from the great John Riggins on what a new name and logo mean to the players of the past.

After such a gluttonous feast of football, the only dessert can be the Dope of the Week. This week’s winner was Jonathan Allen, DT for your Washington Commanders.

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Super Honchos Super Bowl Hangover!

Super Honchos Super Bowl Hangover!

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