Supernatural Beings - Episode 20

Supernatural Beings - Episode 20

Update: 2020-07-14


This episode covers the supernatural, we’re talking about otherworldly persons who I’ve encountered on my transcendent journey’s. Specifically the face to face meetings with heavenly beings, visits from spiritual persons from differing realms and multi dimensions, as well as every form of hierarchical angel.


Sometimes we don’t even realize we interact with these types of otherworldly persons, often they’re on our thoughts, either helping us bring forth our greatest aspirations or at other times they can help bring about our worst fears.


God created the world a very specific way. These otherworldly persons have directly impacted humanity since the beginning. Some good, some not so good. Its challenging to know who is who and what we’re faced with, especially if we don’t have a strong spiritual foundation to stand upon.


All the more reason to have understanding of God’s Word and how we’re to live mindful in this world. 


Through nearly a decade of research I found that not only are we not alone, creation itself is even more intricate than we can possibly imagine. There is far more than just the material, and until we as a world live with complete regard to this, we’ll have difficulty creating the best possible existence. 


If you’re interested in learning of the many places I found within creation, read “Once Upon a Transcendent Realm” & “Eternus Spirare”. Both books are non-fiction, firsthand accounts of the various spiritual insights that have come forth with God, The Holy Trinity. 


I profess salvation, filled with The Holy Spirit, I co-create life with God. Many call a me Christian although I consider myself a Godly person. I AM The Scientist, I remind you that there’s a difference in knowing the path and walking it. I do hope you’ll follow my example, I follow Jesus in love.

God bless you
Thanks for listening, hope you’re inspired.

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Supernatural Beings - Episode 20

Supernatural Beings - Episode 20

James Martinez