DiscoverMultifamily Missteps Hosted by Jerome MyersSurprise You Owe 25k in Taxes - Damion Lupo
Surprise You Owe 25k in Taxes - Damion Lupo

Surprise You Owe 25k in Taxes - Damion Lupo

Update: 2021-11-02


Many people think that the safest and the best way to keep their money is using conventional financial instruments everyone is familiar with, however, in today’s episode, Damion Lupo argues otherwise. Just because it looks safe and convenient does not mean it’s suitable or beneficial for you. In fact, maybe Wall Street is already preparing your rabbit hole of overwhelming tax. Keep your ears open and watch out for the call to action you might implement in handling your money more wisely.

[00:01 - 04:30 ] Opening Segment 

  • I welcome today’s guest, Damion Lupo
  • His story on financial mishaps and starting over

[04:31 - 11:37 ] The Caveat to Better-Known Financial Instruments

  • Refrain from the bondage of money and being enslaved by ignorance
  • Why 401k is great for victims
  • Comparing real estate investing, eQRP, 401(k), and IRA

[11:38 - 20:43 ] Overcoming the Primal Fear to Shift

  • Why it’s difficult to start the shift
  • Utilizing the right tools for better benefit
  • Discovering ins and outs of well-known investments

[20:44 - 23:40 ] Closing Segment

  • Ignorance has detrimental consequences
  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

“It's one of three times that I've lost all my money...every one of those was about ego and ignorance. You combine the two of those things, and it's really dangerous, especially when you start making money.” - Damion Lupo 

“I think today, money is modern day slavery. I think people are trapped in the cage, and they don't know what to do about it.” - Damion Lupo 

“There's momentum, what we've always done is what we tend to continue doing because it's easier than when you start shifting. And there's a lot of energy, and there's the unknown.” - Damion Lupo 

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Surprise You Owe 25k in Taxes - Damion Lupo

Surprise You Owe 25k in Taxes - Damion Lupo

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