Surprise and Disappoint???

Surprise and Disappoint???

Update: 2021-05-25


Perhaps this episode will be surprise and disappoint but a few months ago I had a conversation with someone I don’t know well and they stumbled upon this podcast. They shared with me how much they loved it and I wasn’t sure how sincere that really was but the conversation continued. It was what I needed to hear that week and my take away was a good one… these are things most of us know but we need confirmation or to hear it from a source that has a different perspective or that is not as close to our situation. See it enforces what you already know or feel in your gut. Probably the best compliment I have received came from this person - they told me they were trying to finagle a way for their 17 year old daughter to listen to the podcast for those reasons just mentioned. As a mom of a teenager that really pulled at my heartstrings. My goal for this podcast and honestly any of my speaking engagements is to be a resource. I never want to tell you what you are doing wrong, I want you to learn from my journey and hopefully save you a few missteps along the way. I also want to share my perspective from the ownership side to help you hone your skills as an operator. I want you to see the ownership perspective which will ultimately provide a focus on increasing the value of the asset. No matter the length of the hold ALL owners goals are the same - to maximize the value of the asset. Some of us just have longer to do so than others. 









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Surprise and Disappoint???

Surprise and Disappoint???

Leslie Mathis