DiscoverA Date With DatelineSuspicion in Silver City S.27 Ep.10
Suspicion in Silver City S.27 Ep.10

Suspicion in Silver City S.27 Ep.10

Update: 2019-09-261


Do you find Katie just a titch too understanding and forgiving of people? Do you think Kimberly is maybe not quite angry and irritated enough at the world at large? Then this is the episode for you! It’s SUSPICION IN SILVER CITY, a “granddaddy of true crime Keith Morrison” episode that left us with actual flames on the actual sides of our actual faces. We are so royally ticked at the “police” in this town that we almost changed our rating just so we could curse at them. Learn how to steal the literal floor of the crime scene out from under the noses of the “cops” and other useful life hacks in this very, very special ulcer-inducing A Date With Dateline!

Official Description from NBCU: When the mysterious death of a 23-year-old mother in New Mexico goes unsolved, her family searches for answers. Keith Morrison reports.

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Suspicion in Silver City S.27 Ep.10

Suspicion in Silver City S.27 Ep.10

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