DiscoverThose Conspiracy GuysSwapCast: Gordo guests on Grimerica
SwapCast: Gordo guests on Grimerica

SwapCast: Gordo guests on Grimerica

Update: 2019-04-092



On this Swapcast I chat with Darren and Graham from Grimerica about online censorship, vaccines, alternative history, and about me and the history of TCG and where its all going! This was done from the lads studio all the way over in Canada and they have a podcast that you can go and listen to now too at with interviews, round table chats and shows like this.

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Enjoy this and if you like it; subscribe to Grimerica and let the lads know where you found them!



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Nice job Gordo, I was listening to the Grimerica guys and thinking what you said afterwards, i.e. why don't we consider the health of mothers on child mortality? And about all of those statistics that don't really make sense, it may sound repetitive but correlation doesn't cause causation. I respect you for thinking logically 👏 have fun in America!

Apr 12th

Amanda Connors


Apr 10th
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SwapCast: Gordo guests on Grimerica

SwapCast: Gordo guests on Grimerica

Gordon Rochford