DiscoverThose Conspiracy GuysSwapCast - Tin Foil Hat - George Orwell 1984
SwapCast - Tin Foil Hat - George Orwell 1984

SwapCast - Tin Foil Hat - George Orwell 1984

Update: 2019-06-147


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On this SwapCast I chat with Sam and XG about some eerily predictive fiction from one of the most famous authors of the 20th century, George Orwell. His book Animal Farm published in 1945 was a scathing indictment of the communist political agenda and was a massive cultural palette cleanser in a world now faced with an ideological dichotomy of socialism versus capitalism. He detested the cult of personality that had grown up around Stalin during the war years and foresaw the problems that lay ahead for the world should this ideological esteem pave the way for a tyrant in absolute control.

1984 was the extension of this critique and the world that was created in this book was based on the tools and methods of totalitarian dictatorships that are now being echoed in the modern media landscape. The oppressive regime depicted in 1984 ring true today with social media deplatformings mimicking the actions of Winston Smith working for the Ministry of Truth and the Thought Police and blatant propaganda tactics shown in the actions of politically charged social media platforms.

I chat with Sam and XG about the man himself, Orwell's journey to writing 1984 and some of the more important warnings Orwell writes about that are showing themselves in the modern political discourse. DoubleThink, NewSpeak, and The Memory Hole are all terms often used when talking about cultural and political debate online these days; and Orwell saw it all happening in 1949!

Enjoy this chat anyway and let me know what you think. Ill be uploading this to the main podcast for the next 30 days but I will definitely be doing a George Orwell episode in the future on TCG, a big one! :)


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Comments (5)

Sarah-Jane Pirie

This guy is drunk, referred to interracial porn, how a girl dropped from a '9' and couldn't say the word Burma. Atrocious

Jul 2nd
Reply (1)

Jared Phillips

this was difficult, like Caroline said, I'm gonna steer clear of that tinfoil hat one

Jun 19th

Caroline Morin

Thanks to this episode, I know to stay away from that other podcast.

Jun 19th

Claire O Leary

Christ, that other interviewer is a head melter. Gordo how did u listen to him. irritating voice and he never stays on mic

Jun 19th
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SwapCast - Tin Foil Hat - George Orwell 1984

SwapCast - Tin Foil Hat - George Orwell 1984

Gordon Rochford