Systematize to Scale with Kristen Westcott

Systematize to Scale with Kristen Westcott

Update: 2020-09-30


In this episode, I talk with Kristen Wescott.

Kristen Westcott is a business growth strategist and founder of Kristen Westcott Media who has spent the last decade in the legal and education fields supporting leaders and students in the areas of goal setting, productivity and project management. After recognizing her true passion lies in serving entrepreneurs, Kristen honed her skills as a Director of Operations. She quickly noticed that what was holding many business owners back wasn’t a lack of drive or ability, but a lack of foundational systems that could support the day-to-day operations of a scaling business. These days, she spends her time helping online coaches, copywriters and course creators scale without the frustration that massive growth often brings.

We discuss:
Being An Integrator or Systems Coach, And How to Systematize
Kristen talks about how her personality has always been a great fit for what she does as an integrator, and why it's critical for business success to systematize from the beginning.

The Biggest Resistance To Females Becoming The CEO Of Their Own Business
What does Kristen think is holding women back? Issues surrounding time and mindset. Listen as Kc and Kristen explore why women think they don't have enough time and how a mindset shift is necessary to become your own boss.

Operational Systems And The Ability To Adapt
The basics of operational systems remain the foundation of your business. Knowing when and what to change during times of uncertainty will help you adapt and thrive. Learn more from Kristen about how to identify and make changes, what needs to remain a non-negotiable, and how using these systems can create boundaries and protect you from business burnout.

How To Ask For Help Without Guilt
We all need help to run our business. Whether we are doing it by ourselves, or have a team, it's important to know when you need a little help. That can look like many things from screen time for the kids to outsourcing your daily tasks. Kristen and Kc discuss why asking for help is not a weakness.

Tips and Tricks To Optimize Your Business
Kristen gives you some juicy tips on how to thrive personally and professionally from choosing your priorities to focusing on what's serving you.

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Systematize to Scale with Kristen Westcott

Systematize to Scale with Kristen Westcott

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