DiscoverWe Study Billionaires - The Investor’s Podcast NetworkTIP394: How to invest in ETFs w/ Cullen Roche
TIP394: How to invest in ETFs w/ Cullen Roche

TIP394: How to invest in ETFs w/ Cullen Roche

Update: 2021-11-074



  • 01:43 - Which ETF strategy is right for you?
  • 06:49 - Why there is no such thing as passive investing?
  • 12:17 - How does an ETF technically work, and why is it a tax-efficient investment instrument.
  • 22:18 - What is the difference between the gross and net expense ratio?
  • 26:16 - Should you pay attention to backtesting results when you choose which ETF to invest in?
  • 31:05 - How do you launch your own ETF? 
  • 40:12 - Are retail ETF investors at a disadvantage compared to institutional investors? 
  • 45:29 - How much does it cost to run an ETF? 
  • 48:35 - How to think about fund of funds.
  • 53:27 - Why should you invest in long-term bonds in today’s environment? 
  • 1:00:14 - Which implication has the interest rate on ETF investing?

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TIP394: How to invest in ETFs w/ Cullen Roche

TIP394: How to invest in ETFs w/ Cullen Roche