DiscoverWe Study Billionaires - The Investor’s Podcast NetworkTIP458: Why Billionaire Charles Schwab Invested in Kalshi w/ Luana Lopes Lara
TIP458: Why Billionaire Charles Schwab Invested in Kalshi w/ Luana Lopes Lara

TIP458: Why Billionaire Charles Schwab Invested in Kalshi w/ Luana Lopes Lara

Update: 2022-06-192



  • 01:30 - What Kalshi is and why it’s a very unique company.
  • 02:36 - How events trading works. 
  • 03:18 - What it took to get Kalshi approved by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (or CFTC) - the first company of its kind to do so.
  • 42:57 - Why Billionaire Charles Schwab personally invested in the company.
  • 53:01 - Why Luana and her cofounder Tarik decided to create the company.
  • And a whole lot more!

*Disclaimer: Slight timestamp discrepancies may occur due to podcast platform differences.


  • Kalshi's Website.
  • Trey Lockerbie Twitter.
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TIP458: Why Billionaire Charles Schwab Invested in Kalshi w/ Luana Lopes Lara

TIP458: Why Billionaire Charles Schwab Invested in Kalshi w/ Luana Lopes Lara