DiscoverWe Study Billionaires - The Investor’s Podcast NetworkTIP569: An Investor's Guide to Clear Thinking w/ Chris Mayer
TIP569: An Investor's Guide to Clear Thinking w/ Chris Mayer

TIP569: An Investor's Guide to Clear Thinking w/ Chris Mayer

Update: 2023-08-111


Back by popular demand, Clay Finck brings back Chris Mayer to chat about his book, How Do You Know – A Guide to Clear Thinking About Wall Street, Investing, and Life. This book is one that really made us think as it is not your conventional investing book and questions much of traditional thinking in the world of finance. If you’re interested in becoming a better thinker as an investor, then this episode is a must-listen.

Chris is the author of 100 Baggers and How Do You Know?, and the co-founder and portfolio manager of Woodlock House Family Capital.


00:00 - Intro.

02:13 - How being a learning machine has impacted Chris as an investor.

07:30 - Chris’ goal as a long-term investor in public equities.

09:59 - What general semantics is, and how it relates to investing.

10:42 - Finance terms that investors use that muddy the waters of how people think about stocks.

13:10 - How either/or thinking doesn’t align with how the real world typically operates.

14:31 - Why can we do without broad terms as investors such as: “GDP,” “the economy,” “value investors,” “growth investors,” etc.

20:17 - Why we shouldn’t always take labels and names at face value.

22:20 - What companies Chris owns are in what many would call “unattractive industries.”

24:21 - Chris’ opinion on what drives long-term shareholder returns.

27:24 - What Sosnoff’s Law is.

30:17 - How meeting management teams play into Chris’ investment process.

33:17 - Why Chris believes that “This Time is Always Different” and that reversion to the mean is a flawed concept.

42:58 - How Chris thinks about judging what numbers actually mean rather than judging the numbers themselves.

44:06 - Why we shouldn’t take accounting earnings at face value.

47:50 - Why Chris encourages investors to develop a “delayed reaction.”

50:29 - How Chris developed the ability to not take himself too seriously.

55:08 - Chris’ book recommendations.

Disclaimer: Slight discrepancies in the timestamps may occur due to podcast platform differences.



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TIP569: An Investor's Guide to Clear Thinking w/ Chris Mayer

TIP569: An Investor's Guide to Clear Thinking w/ Chris Mayer