DiscoverHi, Fam!TPJ 101: 10 Signs You're Burning Out
TPJ 101: 10 Signs You're Burning Out

TPJ 101: 10 Signs You're Burning Out

Update: 2021-03-15


One of the biggest risks we face as parents is burning out and falling into survival mode. In difficult seasons it becomes especially challenging to stay charged and energized. Many of us (myself included) run the risk of burning out when we don’t take care of ourselves and “refuel our tank.” You can only run on empty for so long.


I have seen so many parents on the brink of burnout (or fully in it), and I’ve been there as well. It's a major issue.


So today I want to share with you 10 signs you want to look for that might be telling you that your tank is empty, that you're about to enter survival mode. 


[02:09 ] #1 - You're constantly stressed

[03:10 ] #2 - You get triggered a lot

[04:06 ] #3 - Meeting basic needs is a struggle

[05:52 ] #4 - Everything feels urgent

[06:42 ] #5 - There’s a sense of impending doom

[07:31 ] #6 - You feel like you're failing

[09:29 ] #7 - You’re stuck in the present moment

[10:21 ] #8 - You feel isolated

[11:48 ] #9 - You feel helpless

[12:47 ] The level of expectations in our lives must match the level of support

[13:38 ] #10 - You feel like you can't measure up


Now that you know the signs, it’s time to do something about it. Check back in next week because I'm going to share a sequel to this and talk about what we can do to get out of survival mode.


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TPJ 101: 10 Signs You're Burning Out

TPJ 101: 10 Signs You're Burning Out