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TPJ 105: Self-Care During Pregnancy

TPJ 105: Self-Care During Pregnancy

Update: 2021-05-20


By the time you're reading this, I hope to have had my fifth baby. But at the time of this recording, I'm pregnant with number five, and I want to share some self-care tips for when you're pregnant. To some, self-care is a luxury. But I believe it’s a necessity.  


It's been a hectic, crazy time in my life being home with my kids and running my business. Even so, I prioritize self-care and it has made this pregnancy so much more joyful for me. 


And I want to share those tips with you because I think self care is something that sometimes goes out the window. When we're parents to young children, especially when we have a lot of stress going on, when we're busy with work or running a home, we often take care of everyone except ourselves. 


Unfortunately, that is not a sustainable strategy. We are likely to burn out. We are likely to build resentment and we are likely to not perform the best that we can. 


I know I’m so lucky to be able to do all of these things, and not everyone is able to prioritize self-care. So just like with all my work, take what works for you and leave the rest. It may or may not resonate. But if it does, I hope you find this helpful and inspiring! 


[03:17 ] I like to feel put together and wear things that don't make me feel extra "frumpy"

[04:02 ] 1. Dress and get ready for the day

[07:10 ] 2. Move your body

[08:40 ] 3. Prioritize your sleep

[08:52 ] 4. Intermittent fasting

[11:44 ] 5. Eat well & take supplements

[12:29 ] 6. Address fears and past birthing trauma

[14:59 ] 7. Take care of your mind

[17:20 ] 8. Declutter, organize, and decorate

[18:38 ] 9. Make your home comfortable

[19:18 ] 10. Incorporate nature

[21:34 ] Ask yourself "How can I make this work for me?"


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Sarah Jean Louise

thank you! i have a question. i heard you shouldn't drink raspberry leaf tea until your almost due as it can bring on labour. is that true? Also i was doing intermittent fasting and was told not to do it pregnant. im hoping as you are doing it then it cant be harmful? i really miss doing it. i think right now i cannot as crackers help my morning sickness but maybe second trimester! thanks always xoxo

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TPJ 105: Self-Care During Pregnancy

TPJ 105: Self-Care During Pregnancy