DiscoverHi, Fam!TPJ 106: How To Prepare For A Home Birth
TPJ 106: How To Prepare For A Home Birth

TPJ 106: How To Prepare For A Home Birth

Update: 2021-05-27


At the time of this recording, I’m pregnant with my fifth child. So far I've given birth in hospitals and birthing centers, and for a long list of reasons this time around, I decided to have a home birth. In this episode I’ll be sharing how I've been preparing in order to set myself up for maximum success in my home birth. 


This is a list of what has been working for me, and that I'm excited to do. Take and leave what works for you. 


There are a million reasons to have, or to not have, a home birth. It's deeply personal. It 100% depends on your unique individual situation, and I'm not making any recommendations. You need to work with your healthcare providers and your intuition and do what’s best for you. 


Also, all births are beautiful and all we really want is for ourselves and our baby to be healthy. So if this isn't in the cards for you, don't worry. All across the spectrum, from C-sections to unassisted home births, it can be an incredibly empowering experience. There's no one right way to birth your baby into the world.


[01:39 ] 1. Share with supportive people

[02:57 ] 2. Create a great team

[04:27 ] 3. Make preparations for your other children

[06:29 ] 4. Prepare your space. 

[06:44 ] We want to increase calming hormones and decrease stress related hormones.

[08:41 ] 5. Prepare for the birthing process

[10:58 ] 6. Set aside something comfortable to wear

[12:00 ] 7. Set out some pictures

[12:25 ] 8. Have snacks on-hand

[14:10 ] 9. Put thought into your presentation and communication

[14:51 ] 10. Have the car seat ready to go


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TPJ 106: How To Prepare For A Home Birth

TPJ 106: How To Prepare For A Home Birth