DiscoverThe Parenting Junkie ShowTPJ 110: I’m A Hypocrite
TPJ 110: I’m A Hypocrite

TPJ 110: I’m A Hypocrite

Update: 2022-02-211


Over the years I've been sharing things I'm learning about Parenting. Things I read in books, things I experiment on in my own lab (my family), and I've been sharing what has really resonated with me and what's worked for me.


But I must make a confession and expose the hypocrisy, the many contradictions and paradoxes that occur within me within my own mind, my family, my parenting practice, and what I outwardly preach.


There are many things that I am drawn to and believe in that I share with you. And then as time goes on, or perhaps just in the way that it resonates or works in my individual family and with my unique children, it didn't really work out that way or I opted for something else or I changed my mind.


In this episode I'm going to tell you about several things that I have preached outwardly that I still respect and support and believe in, but don't necessarily practice at home with my children. 


[02:04 ] #1 Unschooling

[04:58 ] #2 Co-sleeping

[07:19 ] #3 Saying no

[08:53 ] #4 Time outs

[10:36 ] We pick and choose what works best for our family

[11:55 ] #5 Punishments

[14:37 ] #6 Monitoring content

[16:28 ] #7 Sticker charts

[18:31 ] #8 Minimalism

[20:08 ] #9 E.C. & cloth diapers


I hope that this liberates you from any dogmatic kind of thinking, any kind of perfectionism, any imagination or projection onto me that I am doing it perfectly. Because that is so far from the truth.


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TPJ 110: I’m A Hypocrite

TPJ 110: I’m A Hypocrite