DiscoverThe Parenting Junkie ShowTPJ 112: A New Way To Look At Anger
TPJ 112: A New Way To Look At Anger

TPJ 112: A New Way To Look At Anger

Update: 2022-03-22


Anger Management Tips for Parents: How to Handle Anger in Parenting 

I've always been drawn to peaceful parenting, conscious parenting, gentle parenting - however, I have a temper! I get triggered. And most parents struggle with anger and yelling. The following parenting tips will help you minimize your triggers so you can love parenting and parent from love.

Don't stay stuck with the feeling that there's something wrong with you or something wrong with your child - let's break this down:

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0:00 How to Minimize Triggers

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5:06 Anger is natural, but acting out of anger is destructive.

5:45 We overcomplicate anger management.

7:55 Being angry is very similar to being drunk.

14:36 Prefrontal cortex vs. amygdala.

16:04 The feelings will pass.

17:20 Once it passes, we can think clearly again.

18:43 It's a great opportunity to model for our children.

19:19 We can teach our children to take a break and calm down.


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TPJ 112: A New Way To Look At Anger

TPJ 112: A New Way To Look At Anger