DiscoverThe Parenting Junkie ShowTPJ 21: Imposter Syndrome in Parenting
TPJ 21: Imposter Syndrome in Parenting

TPJ 21: Imposter Syndrome in Parenting

Update: 2019-05-272


Do you ever feel like an imposter? Like one day someone will catch you out as a fraud? Like your kids will need therapy to recover from the dark secrets in your life?


A quick google of imposter syndrome will result in articles all relating to imposter syndrome within our careers or professions.  But what about parenting? Imposter syndrome is just as real in parenting as it is in the professional world and it can leave us feeling frozen, low, alone and end up robbing us of the joy in parenting.


In this episode you’ll discover how to overcome imposter syndrome as a parent.

Here’s what you’ll hear:


[3:43] What is imposter syndrome?

[8:29] Make it go away!!

[9:59] You’re not alone!

[12:55] Live in integrity

[16:07] There’s more than one way to do it

[18:29] It’s not ALL about you!

[20:13] Own your greatness! 💪

[23:16] Mistakes are okay

[25:33] Put it down! 📱

[26:17] Be weird!

[31:06] Your Super Power 🦸‍♀️

[32:31] Fake it ‘til you make it

[34:17] You’re a different you

[35:35] Be an eternal student

[36:44] Extinguish Imposter Syndrome! 🧯

[37:48] Life is short


If you want to see the ways I feel like an imposter check out my blog post here.


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TPJ 21: Imposter Syndrome in Parenting

TPJ 21: Imposter Syndrome in Parenting