DiscoverThe Parenting Junkie ShowTPJ 22: How to Avoid Parental Burnout
TPJ 22: How to Avoid Parental Burnout

TPJ 22: How to Avoid Parental Burnout

Update: 2019-06-031


Have you ever looked at your kids and wondered why you had them? Do you find yourself why you got into this or wanting some way out at times?

Whether you’re feeling burned out or want to prevent burnout, this episode is for you. Burnout is a very real risk we face as parents, and if you’re experiencing it now (or have ever experienced it), you’re not alone. And if you haven’t experienced it yet…prepare yourself, because it’s inevitable unless you take these precautions.  

In this episode, I’m sharing what parental burnout is, why it is important to avoid, and practical steps to take to avoid burning’s what you’ll hear: 


[2:27 ] What is parental burnout?

[8:31 ] Your warning light is on

[14:29 ] One more “B” to add to Attachment Parenting

[15:36 ] Take a Break 🏝

[19:27 ] Get Help! (More on this in upcoming episodes!)

[20:31 ] Just say NO!

[24:11 ] Bundle! 💕

[26:34 ] Talk to someone

[27:07 ] Back to basics


You are worth it. Your children are worth it. You deserve to enjoy this season of life and your kids deserve to see a parent who enjoys life and who takes good care of herself. Don’t wait until you burnout. Start taking these steps today!


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Show Notes:


If nursing happens to be one of the things causing you to feel burnt out checkout my blog post on Gentle Weaning here.









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TPJ 22: How to Avoid Parental Burnout

TPJ 22: How to Avoid Parental Burnout