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TPJ 28: Homeschool is NOT for Everyone

TPJ 28: Homeschool is NOT for Everyone

Update: 2019-07-29


Are schools like prison? A human rights violation? Is forced education immoral and abusive? If so… what are the millions and millions of parents with school-going kids to do? If this concerns you, listen up.

You've heard the experts like Ken Robinson and Alfie Kohn weigh in that "schools kill creativity" or that "schools are feel bad education." In fact, schools have been compared to prison in that they limit children’s freedom and choices.  In many cases they also do not give the education we want for our children, I know this is true in my case.


But I also know that what works for me does NOT work for everyone. If you are in a situation, whether it be financial, psychological, etc, in which homeschooling does not work for you, I’m here to reassure you that is ok too!


Often times we look at the negative aspects of the school system but we forget to look at the possible negative impact of switching to homeschooling if it’s not a good fit for the family.  Switching to homeschooling could lead to a burnt out mom, stressed from trying to figure out how to replace her income now that she quit her job to homeschool and stressed about whether her child is keeping up or not and what activities she needs to plan. Is that really better for the kids in the long run? 


Even if you have accepted your reality that homeschooling is not right for your family perhaps you still worry about the school available to you. Maybe the school focuses a lot on grades creating a very competitive environment. Or perhaps they have the homework “rule” of an hour per grade level. Or maybe it’s just the context of school in general - the “cool” kids and the potential materialism that could lead to or processed sugary foods being the only real foods available.  Whatever it is that you are worrying about I’ll remind you why you need to let it go. You’re worrying does not serve anyone, especially your children, in-fact it may even be making their challenges in school more difficult.


Even if you’ve made your decision and feel completely comfortable in your choice you’ll still gain something from this episode, we even have an expert guest (spoiler alert: Dr. Shefali Tsabary!!) Here’s what you’ll hear:


[6:13] Schools are prisons (at least according to some people) 

[15:24] Should my kids stay or go? 🤷‍♀️

[17:19] Does that serve your children? (or you?)

[18:15] Pause and take a breath before deciding 🧘‍♀️

[21:38] There’s always a cost 💰

[23:40] Get real

[24:26] Accept it

[26:04] Be fluid and flexible

[27:58] What would Dr. Shefali do? 💕

[30:41] We all need to calm the 🤬down

[31:54] You can bring the change you want to see!

[33:16] Hack the system!


At the end of the day you have to accept your reality.  You need to find a way to work with whatever you cannot change.


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TPJ 28: Homeschool is NOT for Everyone

TPJ 28: Homeschool is NOT for Everyone