DiscoverThe Parenting Junkie ShowTPJ 30: Does Work-Life Balance for Moms Even Exist?
TPJ 30: Does Work-Life Balance for Moms Even Exist?

TPJ 30: Does Work-Life Balance for Moms Even Exist?

Update: 2019-08-121


Are you a working parent who tends to feel guilty while at work that you should be with your kids but then also feels guilty while with your kids that you should be working? Or perhaps you’re not a working parent but you are trying to meet your needs and desires in some way be it fitness, or a hobby and also feel guilty when trying to balance the two?


If you’ve ever felt like you’re a failure on all fronts this episode is for you!


This episode will mainly focus on balancing the needs from a work perspective but you can apply it to any faucet of your life. When we try to show up as different versions of ourselves and hide the parts of ourselves we don’t feel belong under that hat we can be left feeling fragmented, like we are a failure in both areas of our lives.


You’ll learn how to change your language to change your mind (spoiler alert: realize you have ONE life). Also, you’ll realize that it is ok and even expected if your experience in one role affects your experience in the other because after all, you are one integrated person. 


In this episode we’ll discuss “work-life balance.” Is it an illusion to think that you can truly balance your work life and home life, especially in modern times when there is less separation between the 2? Here’s what you’ll hear: 


[5:01] Conform to Society’s Desire?

[6:58] Bring home the bacon AND spend more time with your kids

[10:39] It’s all in how you frame it

[13:11] Drop “or” choose “and” instead!

[14:26] You don’t have to hide your “momness” at work

[17:17] You don’t have to hide your professional self at home

[18:41] Forget work-life, you have ONE life

[20:59] Working IS good parenting - drop the guilt!

[24:03] What are you teaching your children? (You don’t wanna miss this!)

[28:37] Resent the “2nd shift”? If so this is the reframe that will change your life!


So is work-life balance achievable? Yes, of course. But only when you stop treating them as separate things and treat them as faucets of the one integrated life you have. 


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TPJ 30: Does Work-Life Balance for Moms Even Exist?

TPJ 30: Does Work-Life Balance for Moms Even Exist?