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TPJ 38: Playful Parenting

TPJ 38: Playful Parenting

Update: 2019-10-071


Have you ever seen a parent who really knows how to connect with kids? I think we all know someone who knows how to get them laughing and win them over with ease. One who can speak to kids at their level, calm them down when they get a little crazy or help them feel better when they’re upset.

My brother is like this and it’s amazing to watch him in action. I wish it came as naturally to me as it does to him. Can you relate? 

In this episode, we’re talking about what playful parenting is, why it works, and how you can incorporate it into your life right now.  

  • [4:48 ] Playfulness is a superpower when it comes to interacting with children.
  • [6:58 ] Responding to a situation playfully not only calms our children down but also calms ourselves down.
  • [8:16 ] Play is how children learn, communicate feelings, connect with others, and deal with stressful situations.
  • [9:45 ] Playfulness can help children express complex emotions.
  • [11:05 ] Children can learn how to overcome fear when we role-play and teach them how to “talk” to fear.
  • [11:55 ] Teach them to overcome shyness.
  • [12:36 ] Teach them about diversity and being kind to people who are different.  
  • [13:21 ] Prepare them for a difficult situation, like going to the doctor. 
  • [15:25 ] Help them learn how to deal with sibling rivalry. 
  • [17:06 ] Use play to get their cooperation and diffuse power when you’re in a rush to go somewhere and your child is moving very slowly. 
  • [18:49 ] Become contrary and silly about something you want them to do (like washing their hands with soap). 
  • [20:14 ] When they’re resisting you, try the “full agreement” game. 
  • [22:25 ] Additional ideas

Playful parenting has so much potential to transform life with your children. All it takes is a little imagination and a good dose of silliness!

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TPJ 38: Playful Parenting

TPJ 38: Playful Parenting