DiscoverThe Parenting Junkie ShowTPJ 42: You Are Your Child's Teacher, Like It Or Not
TPJ 42: You Are Your Child's Teacher, Like It Or Not

TPJ 42: You Are Your Child's Teacher, Like It Or Not

Update: 2019-11-041


In this episode I interview Julie Bogart (author of the incredible book The Brave Learner and founder of! Join us as we discuss ideas for making learning fun and how you are responsible for your child’s education even if you don’t homeschool. 

[6:53] “How you relate to your child around their education is the key to successful growth of their love of learning.”

[10:47] We can partner with our children to give them an education that they enjoy and gives them a hunger for learning. 

[13:13] Bring play and enchantment into learning instead of forcing kids to leave play to do hard work.

[15:59] Whether we homeschool or not, an involved parent leads to the best outcomes for our child’s education. 

[19:15] The more we support our children, the sooner they choose to try on their own.

[19:36] We need to provide the corresponding level of support to the presenting need.  

[22:34] Sometimes the teacher is the leader, sometimes the child is. 

[32:56] Don’t miss out on opportunities for your child to learn how to teach, even if it means you have to play a game you don’t particularly enjoy (Pokémon anyone?? 😂 )

[34:49] Learning is invisible to parents (you can’t see in their head) so we often seek “paper and pencil” for reassurance that learning is occuring. 

[38:35] Kids are constantly pay attention and learning...but what they’re paying attention to doesn’t always register in our minds as learning, according to traditional academics. 

[39:04] The best approach to screen time (spoiler alert; there isn’t one).

[45:58] We all struggle at times, but we shouldn’t stay there. No one can live in “struggle” long-term. There needs to be a pivot; we need to find a way to move forward, out of the struggle.

[47:12] The way to move forward is subjective, not prescriptive. It depends on the needs of our individual families and what’s best in each season. 

[49:20] “Liberation comes when you take back your right to explore as many options as necessary to find today’s right fit for you and your family.” 

Whether we homeschool or not, we are ultimately responsible for our children’s education and need to be as involved as possible to fuel their love for learning. 

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TPJ 42: You Are Your Child's Teacher, Like It Or Not

TPJ 42: You Are Your Child's Teacher, Like It Or Not