DiscoverThe Parenting Junkie ShowTPJ 44: Coaching Up the Hurt Child
TPJ 44: Coaching Up the Hurt Child

TPJ 44: Coaching Up the Hurt Child

Update: 2019-11-18


Are your kids ever on the receiving end of name-calling? Do they get their feelings hurt by other kids, and you find yourself struggling with how to deal with it or help them through it? 

In this episode we’ll dive into some ways you can help your children become healthy and strong individuals by coaching them through the friction and conflict they’re bound to experience throughout their childhood.                     

[3:11] Name calling and hurt feelings are par for the course and aren’t as bad as you might think.  

[4:54] Our natural tendency is to be empathetic and protective...but sometimes we overprotect.

[6:59] Being overprotective can make our children feel incapable of handling conflict.                     

[8:04] We also don’t want to just brush it off as no big deal. 

[9:40] There will be times when you need to involve other people (parents, teachers, etc.). 

[10:41] Not every single conflict between kids is “bullying” or “unsafe.”
[12:47] We need to experience friction & conflict in childhood to help us learn how to deal with it.                  

[18:22] The 3 “un-truths” explored in The Coddling of the American Mind

[20:09] Give a little bit of empathy, but mostly focus on coaching them.          

[21:52] The untruth of fragility.

[24:09] The untruth of emotional reasoning.

[30:52] The untruth of us vs. them.

Let’s do our best to reframe the conflicts our children experience as opportunities to coach them and help them develop into healthy and strong people who can handle whatever life throws at them.  

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TPJ 44: Coaching Up the Hurt Child

TPJ 44: Coaching Up the Hurt Child