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TPJ 51: Potent, Free, and Available to All

TPJ 51: Potent, Free, and Available to All

Update: 2020-01-20


Would you like to know one thing you can do today to radically change your relationship with your partner? 

Do you want to take your relationship to the next level? Instead of just treating symptoms and avoiding pain, can you work on improving your relationship into “peak performance” and make it the best it can be? And is it worth that level of effort? 

Yes and yes! 

In this episode we’ll discuss how we hold the power to make this kind of change in our relationships, and the choice is ours. 

[06:46] What I learned from HypnoBirthing (and how it can improve our relationships).

[11:39] We get to choose the story we tell ourselves, good or bad.

[15:54] This is a key way to create power in our relationships

[17:01] What words are you currently using to describe your partner?

[18:09] Speaking poorly of others is very damaging.

[19:16] Before we speak, ask ourselves these questions.

[20:07] The power of not gossiping. 

[21:35] If you wouldn’t say it to their face, don’t say it behind their back.

[24:36] Drop the negative labels and words we use for our partner and relationship.

[25:57] Use "I" statements.

[27:09] Refrain from using hyperboles (exaggerations).

We hold the power. We can choose to flip the switch, to focus on the positive instead of the negative. We can change the words we speak over our relationships, and in the process, change those relationships. The choice is ours! 

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TPJ 51: Potent, Free, and Available to All

TPJ 51: Potent, Free, and Available to All