DiscoverThe Parenting Junkie ShowTPJ Bonus Episode: An Interview with Becki Biermaier
TPJ Bonus Episode: An Interview with Becki Biermaier

TPJ Bonus Episode: An Interview with Becki Biermaier

Update: 2019-11-21


We all want what’s best for our children, but sometimes we can be a little too protective, do too much for them, and expect too little from them. 

In this interview with Becki Biermaier, who has experienced more than her share of challenges as a little person, we discuss what parents can do to help their children develop resilience and overcome the challenges they face in life.   

[8:05 ] Pity is disempowering. “Until a child knows they can’t, they think they can.”

[9:46 ] Boundaries and expectations. 

[11:43 ] Allow our children to experience discomfort and challenges

[13:46 ] Celebrate progress instead of complaining that our children need our help to complete a task. 

[15:00 ] “What kids need the most is to do things for themselves, with you telling them they can.” 

[16:51 ] Build margin into our schedule so we can slow down and let our children try things on their own.

[18:09 ] Help younger children by promoting their independence and helping them learn that every choice has a result. 

[21:05 ] Elementary school age: teach them to brainstorm strategies and think through “if/then” scenarios (and to regroup when they fail or face challenges). 

[23:00 ] Middle schoolers; reinforce the idea that their decisions impact their results. 

[23:40 ] Even though they resist it, middle schoolers need more of your time. 

[25:20 ] High school; they do more on their own and need a safe space to come to you with questions and issues. 

[28:15 ] Overcoming bullying or getting picked on.

[31:02 ] Overcoming learning or social disabilities and challenges.

[37:18 ] Partner with your child’s teachers & school administration.

I think we’ll find that as we expect more from our children, build in more time to let them try things on their own, celebrate their wins, and help them regroup after failures, they’ll develop resilience and overcome any challenges that come their way! 

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TPJ Bonus Episode: An Interview with Becki Biermaier

TPJ Bonus Episode: An Interview with Becki Biermaier