DiscoverMy 90s PlaylistTRACK 8: "Fantasy" by Mariah Carey Ft. ODB
TRACK 8: "Fantasy" by Mariah Carey Ft. ODB

TRACK 8: "Fantasy" by Mariah Carey Ft. ODB

Update: 2020-12-0842


Any great mixtape has to end with a classic crowd pleaser, a track that pulls the whole thing together. To end this season, we pay tribute to one of the best collaborations between pop and hip-hop of all time: the “Fantasy” remix. Hear how Mariah made the music she wanted to hear and how influential this legendary track is on pop music today.


- Hosts: Tracy Clayton and Akoto Ofori-Atta

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- Editor: Brandon Grugle

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The 90s are back in so many ways, but our favorite tracks never left. My 90s Playlist breaks down why we love the hits of the 90s so much, what made our favorite songs so popular back then, and why we are so nostalgic for them now. Throughout the season, our hosts Tracy Clayton and Akoto Ofori-Atta will celebrate their picks for a quintessential 90s playlist and explore the work of Backstreet Boys, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, A Tribe Called Quest and more!

Track Info

Track: Fantasy (Remix)

Artist: Mariah Carey ft. ODB

Album: Daydream

Written By: Mariah Carey, Dave Hall, Adrian Belew, Chris Frantz, Steven Stanley, Tina Weymouth

Produced By: Mariah Carey, Dave Hall, Puff Daddy

Rye Playland, All I Want For Christmas Is You, Tommy Mottola, Puff Daddy, Wu-Tang Clan, She Ain’t Worth It, Bobby Brown, REM, NWA, Lisa Lopes, Weezer, Jermaine Dupri, Lil Wayne, Justin Beiber, Busta Rimes, Numb/Encore, Jay-Z, Linkin Park, Santana, Rob Thomas, Nelly, Tim McGraw, Florida Georgia Line

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Mar 14th

janie june

it's an extremely good song, is proud to be the number 1 store that provides ringtones for iphone today.

Nov 6th

Christa Knox

I always told myself that he says "St Helens in the house" 🤣 That was my town growing up

Mar 12th








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TRACK 8: "Fantasy" by Mariah Carey Ft. ODB

TRACK 8: "Fantasy" by Mariah Carey Ft. ODB

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