DiscoverThe Wicked LibraryTWL 913: A Wicked Halloween Anthology - LIVE
TWL 913: A Wicked Halloween Anthology - LIVE

TWL 913: A Wicked Halloween Anthology - LIVE

Update: 2019-10-31


Today's show includes 3 Terrifying Tales and was recorded LIVE at the Aurora Theatre in Lawrenceville, GA as part of Explore Gwinnette's #Artober Festival! To watch the paintings being made head to

Author: Christopher Long
Opening Narrator – Graham Rowat
Chet - Nelson W. Pyles
Si - Daniel Foytik
Kylie - Denise Michele Johnson
The Stranger - Cynthia Lowman

"Unholy Wedlock"
Author: K. B. Goddard
Opening Narrator – Mary Murphy
Mrs. Winter & Mrs. Lucas - Denise Michele Johnson
Algernon Hunter - Nelson W. Pyles
John Evans & William Thompson - Daniel Foytik
Louisa Hunter & Mrs. Hill - Cynthia Lowman

The Lift: "The Lost and The Damned"
Authors: Daniel Foytik and Nelson W. Pyles
(This story is simulcast as S4E4 of The Lift)
Opening Narrator (Alice Bigglesworth-Hayes) -Erika Sanderson
Special Agent Jackie Ellis & Courtney - Denise Michele Johnson
Dexter Walters - Nelson W. Pyles
Victoria Bigglesworth-Hayes – Amber Collins
Jennifer - Cynthia Lowman
Jim - Daniel Foytik

Custom Scoring  Nico Vettese of We Talk of Dreams

Sound design assistance, recording, and additional SFX: David Benedict and Atlanta Radio Theater Company.

Voice of the Librarian: Nelson W. Pyles | Artwork: Alex J. Murd | Host / Producer / Showrunner: Daniel Foytik | Executive Producers: Cynthia Lowman, Nelson W. Pyles, Nico Vettese

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Production Music

"The Wicked Library Theme"
Anthony Rowsick of Novus (

"The Lift Opening Theme"
Henninger-Parke Music

"The Lift Closing Theme"
Nico Vettese of We Talk of Dreams

Audio Recording

Final mix by Daniel Foytik, 9th Story Studios:

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TWL 913: A Wicked Halloween Anthology - LIVE

TWL 913: A Wicked Halloween Anthology - LIVE

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