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FAM! QUEEN GILLIAN GOT SUPER SICK THIS WEEK AND SO WE HAD TO RUN A CLASSIC EPISODE! First please note that, unbeknownst to us before we picked this episode to rerun, THIS IS THE EPISODE WHERE WE INVENTED BOTH OUR THEME SONG AND…WAIT FOR IT…THE GARBAGE BELL!! Any-who, Gillian is much better now and we'll be back next week with that bonkers #FlatEarthDoc "Behind the Curve. ENJOY!

Meet Joyce McKinney, a former Miss Wyoming with an IQ of 168. 30 years ago, she fell in love with a young Mormon named Kirk. When Kirk disappeared and then turned up a few months later in the UK, Joyce was convinced he’d been kidnapped and was being held against his well. Determined to get him back, Joyce set off on a journey that would lead her across the globe, into jail, and onto the front pages of the most popular tabloids of the time. Her crusade for love took her through a surreal world of kidnapping, manacled Mormons, risqué photography, magic underwear, and celestial sex. Oh AND to the 1977 after party for the film “Saturday Night Fever.”

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Alisha D

I want to love this show, but holy fak they are both obnoxious to listen to

May 26th
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