DiscoverSay Less With Kaz, Lowkey and RosyTakin' Over For The '99 and the 2000
Takin' Over For The '99 and the 2000

Takin' Over For The '99 and the 2000

Update: 2021-07-05


On today's jam packed episode of Say Less, the guys and gal had a plan on doing an entire rap fantasy draft (which happens later in the show), but it was all a little bit hijacked by Jake getting into a fight at the local liquor store. Even better, we've got the security cam footage of the entire ordeal, so check that out on As far as the rap fantasy draft goes, Rosy, Lowkey, Kaz and Jake create their own fantasy rap labels with a fantasy budget and tiers of artists to pick from. With the allotted budget, the crew picks from legends, solo male stars, solo female stars, groups, and newcomers. Hop in the comments and tell us how great or terrible our music minds are as well as the thoughts on Sha'Carri Richardson's suspension, ther New Drake and Brent Faiyaz, Lil Duval's Ludacris and Da Baby comparisons, the GD anthem and much more. 

03:00 - Switched Up Taping Days

05:45 - Jake Got Into a SITUATION

10:00 - Security Cam Footage

15:40 - NYC Is Getting Wild

17:30 - Sha'Charri Richardson Suspended For A Month

22:37 - New Drake and Brent Faiyaz

27:29 - Artists That Make You Wanna Pop Off

29:00 - Controversial Artists

32:00 - Ludacris And Da Baby

38:28 - Say Less Music Industry / Rules Of Game

1:23:20 - Blood Pressure Records Is Mainly Women

1:32:00 - Trades And Negotiations

1:41:00 - GD Anthem


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Takin' Over For The '99 and the 2000

Takin' Over For The '99 and the 2000

Kazeem Famuyide