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Taking Back Control With SERAPHIC

Taking Back Control With SERAPHIC

Update: 2021-11-16


Brisbane symphonic metal outfit Seraphic have always rode a fine line between heaviness and beauty with their heavy synth based sound.
Their music is almost theatrical, combining the beautiful side of metal with the brutality it is better known for, with vocalist and synth player Sam Wolstenholme a captivating and pivotal vocal point.
After the success of their last album Chrysalis, Seraphic took stock a little of their immediate goals.
Their focus shifted to the future and sustained success rather than moments of clarity and that fresh outlook now manifests itself with new single Insidious, which will be released on November 19.
Wolstenholme sat down with HEAVY to discuss the song and its heavier direction.
"We released Chrysalis, our second album, last year,” she began, “and then shortly afterwards we had a little cabinet reshuffle in our line-up and we debuted this new line-up and were starting to get some great shows and were kind of thinking where to next? There are a lot of creative juices flowing as a band and we really wanted to raise our profile, especially in the digital scape. With Covid, obviously it has put the pin in so many plans for bands to tour or lots of things, but the options are not as they were before. We really wanted to tap into those fans we have on line and grow the presence we had plus tap into a newer audience that is seeking more of a modern sound. We were looking for something that really delivers the message that can cut through the noise and make an impact."
In the full interview Sam talks about the meaning behind Insidious, growing as a band musically, finding the balance between light and shade in your music, the single cover and how it relates, their upcoming and final show of the year and more.








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Taking Back Control With SERAPHIC

Taking Back Control With SERAPHIC

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