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Taking Responsibility for Your Own Life

Taking Responsibility for Your Own Life

Update: 2022-08-11


Today, Gay and Mike are getting really raw and diving into a heavy subject… Taking Responsibility for Your Own Life.

They talk about how to get a teenager to take responsibility, and their own personal struggles with family members experiencing Dementia, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

They'll also get into the internal struggles they have when they know they're not taking responsibility, lying to themselves and stuck in their addictive ways.

Taking responsibility for your own life is one of the BIGGEST challenges that any human being will ever face. Needless to say, it’s a complicated beast.

In the different stages of our lives, taking responsibility often means different things, so we have to deal with it in different ways. For example; how do you go about taking responsibility for the lives of the people you care about when they can’t or won’t?

Gay and Mike know it's not a sexy subject, but they want to show you how radically cool it is, once you really understand the dynamics of it.

Full disclosure… part of the reason why Mike asked Gay to do this episode is because Mike has a 19-year-old son who’s going through some big challenges right now.

He went off to an expensive college that Mike and his wife are paying for. They told him up front what their expectations were. He didn't meet those expectations and now he has to live with the consequences—and he REALLY doesn't like it.

Mike would bet his left arm that anyone who’s raised a teenager is shaking their head YES, right now!

Mike knows you'll love this episode and he's positive you'll have some comments. It's going to touch home in all kinds of ways.

Key Takeaways

  • Mike talks about the struggles of raising a teenager in college (03:41 )

  • Mike and Gay discuss the difference between Responsibility and Fault or Burden (12:34 )

  • Gay gives us his best advice on negotiating behavioral issues with teenagers (20:28 )

  • “The act of taking responsibility for your life lines you up with the creative forces of the universe.” Gay explains (27:48 )

  • Gay tells us about the big turning point in his life (30:36 )

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Taking Responsibility for Your Own Life

Taking Responsibility for Your Own Life

Gay Hendricks & Mike Koenigs