DiscoverBeaming GreenTalking, Permaculture and Eco-Village life - Morag Gamble
Talking, Permaculture and Eco-Village life - Morag Gamble

Talking, Permaculture and Eco-Village life - Morag Gamble

Update: 2021-04-28


In this episode I speak with Morag Gamble who is a global Permaculture and Eco Village Ambassador.  She has lived in the Crystal Waters Eco Village for more than two decades. She runs permaculture courses online, serving a wide audience that spans six continents. Morag covers a wide array of topics and is such an knowledgable and engaging speaker this one-hour interview will fly by.

Morag speaks with me about:

  • Permaculture's roots and evolution
  • the Permaculture Education Institute's online courses that promote permaculture on 6 continents
  • Perma Youth, created by her daughter Maya, which has hubs around the world
  • how her daughter's program is helping refugees set up permaculture in the camps
  • her experience of living in an award-winning Crystal Waters Eco Village
  • how the village supports its 220 residents
  • how they manage and share the work load
  • how music legends the Grateful Dead came to support the village's music studio

Bio of Morag
Morag Gamble is a global permaculture and ecovillage ambassador, designer, teacher, writer, YouTube, blogger, podcaster, homeschooler and founder of the Permaculture Education Institute. For over 2 decades share has lived in a UN World Habitat Award winning ecovillage acknowledged for 'demonstrating low impact and sustainable ways of living’. Morag offers a practical permaculture course, The Incredible Edible Garden, and through her online Permaculture Educators Program (a combined Permaculture Design Certificate and Permaculture Teacher Certificate), Morag teaches people on 6 continents how to design regenerative human habitats and mentors them to become leading educators in the transformation of the places and neighbourhoods in which they dwell.

Morag creates a practical youtube channel that has been watched over 4.5 million times and free monthly permaculture masterclasses that have over 3000 people booked in each time. She has an extensive blog, Our Permaculture Life, with over 400 articles with permaculture tips, and a popular podcast, Sense-Making in a Changing World, where she talks with leading ecological thinkers and doers.

Morag's practical application of systems thinking and ecological design principles extends from home and community spaces to refugee settlements in East Africa. She is a cofounder of Northey Street City Farm and the Australian City Farms and Community Gardens Network and many community food projects. She ownerbuilt her own ecohome surrounded by an award-winning natural and edible landscapes. Through the Ethos Foundation, her permaculture charity, she offers support to women and youth in the global south to access free permaculture education and create regenerative farms and communities. Alongside her daughter, and other teens, she recently launched a Permayouth network which has received a global Youth in Permaculture Prize. She also runs camps for teens and mentors global youth with her Ethos Fellowship Program - a youth systems thinking learning community - collaborating with leading thinkers like Fritjof Capra and Nora Bateson.

 Morag lives and breathes permaculture.

 Morag Gamble

Courses: Permaculture Education Institute

Blog: Our Permaculture Life



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Talking, Permaculture and Eco-Village life - Morag Gamble

Talking, Permaculture and Eco-Village life - Morag Gamble