Talking with T-Bird: Clarence Black

Talking with T-Bird: Clarence Black

Update: 2021-05-24


Talking with T-Bird: Clarence Black

For everyone who wanted more T-Bird in the Survivor off-season, your wish has been granted as we once again start up the series “Talking with T-Bird.” Each episode, Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and Survivor: Africa‘s Teresa “T-Bird” Cooper (@tbirdcooper) will catch up with a former Survivor player and talk about anything and take listener questions. In the forty-third episode of “Talking with T-Bird”, Rob and T-Bird’s guest is none other than Clarence Black.

Rob and T-Bird speak with Clarence Black, a castaway from Survivor: Africa. On Survivor: Africa, the third season, Clarence started out on the yellow Boran tribe, where he quickly was a target for opening the tribe’s can of beans and feeding his sick tribemate Diane Ogden and then having some himself, but despite being untrustworthy, he survived the first Tribal Council. He made it to the merge but the bean incident still didn’t sit right with his former Boran tribemates, making him an early target and after losing the first Immunity Challenge to our very own T-Bird, he was voted out 8-2 on day 21, finishing in tenth place. Clarence also appeared on the Black Voices of Survivor Roundtable from last summer, which you can check out here: Black Voices of Survivor Roundtable.

You can check out Clarence’s statistics on the Survivor Wiki from his Survivor career here: Clarence Black’s Survivor Wiki Profile.

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Talking with T-Bird: Clarence Black

Talking with T-Bird: Clarence Black

Rob Cesternino