Talking with T-Bird: Holly Hoffman

Talking with T-Bird: Holly Hoffman

Update: 2021-02-22


Talking with T-Bird: Holly Hoffman

For everyone who wanted more T-Bird in the Survivor off-season, your wish has been granted as we once again start up the series “Talking with T-Bird.” Each episode, Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and Survivor: Africa‘s Teresa “T-Bird” Cooper (@tbirdcooper) will catch up with a former Survivor player and talk about anything and take listener questions. In the thirty-sixth episode of “Talking with T-Bird”, Rob and T-Bird’s guest is none other than Holly Hoffman.

Rob and T-Bird speak with Holly Hoffman, a castaway from Survivor: Nicaragua. On Survivor: Nicaragua, the twenty-first season, Holly started out on the older Espada tribe, quickly putting herself in a rocky position by aligning with first boot Wendy Jo DeShmidt-Kolhoff. After threatening to quit the game on day 5, Jimmy Johnson encouraged her to stay, surviving up to the merge. Her game kicked into another level after the merge putting herself in a great position, making good relationships with most of her fellow castaways. After Fabio won the last few Individual Immunity challenges, she was the biggest threat to win and was voted out on day 38, ending in fourth place and being the ninth and final member of the jury.

You can check out Holly’s statistics on the Survivor Wiki from her Survivor career here: Holly Hoffman’s Survivor Wiki Profile.

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Talking with T-Bird: Holly Hoffman

Talking with T-Bird: Holly Hoffman

Two-Time Survivor, Rob Cesternino