Talking with T-Bird: Shane Powers

Talking with T-Bird: Shane Powers

Update: 2021-06-30


Talking with T-Bird: Shane Powers

For everyone who wanted more T-Bird in the Survivor off-season, your wish has been granted as we once again start up the series “Talking with T-Bird.” Each episode, Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and Survivor: Africa‘s Teresa “T-Bird” Cooper (@tbirdcooper) will catch up with a former Survivor player and talk about anything and take listener questions. In the forty-fifth episode of “Talking with T-Bird,” and in conjunction with Survivor: Panama‘s appearance this week on the RHAP All-Time Survivor Season Rankings, Rob and T-Bird’s guest is none other than Shane Powers.

Rob and T-Bird speak with Shane Powers, one of the most electrifying players ever who played on Survivor: Panama – Exile Island. On Survivor: Panama, the twelfth season, he entered the game with several nicotine withdrawals, which contributed to a number of his outbursts and rants. He started out on the older men’s tribe, La Mina, where he felt awkward being the youngest in the group. After making it to the first swap, he joined the purple Casaya tribe, where his nicotine withdrawal worsened, even contemplating quitting the game early on. However, he stuck around, joining a majority alliance that allowed him to make it all the way to the final five. One of his most memorable moments in the game was his reunion with his son Boston that grew him closer to Terry, but also led to his downfall. Shane made it all the way to day 33, coming in fifth place. 

You can check out Shane’s statistics on the Survivor Wiki from his Survivor career here: Shane Powers’ Survivor Wiki Profile.

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Talking with T-Bird: Shane Powers

Talking with T-Bird: Shane Powers

Rob Cesternino