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TangleCast 63: The Characters of Spirited Away

TangleCast 63: The Characters of Spirited Away

Update: 2019-09-24


For episode 63, David, Peter, and Holly join in on Ghibli Month by examining the themes of Spirited Away through its characters. Perhaps not unexpected from Miyazaki and the movie considered by many to be his highest achievement, Spirited Away has a lot to tell us about the human condition through its bath house denizens, spirits and creatures, and a ten-year-old girl. Plus, the team also plays another round of “Anime or Ani-Made Up,” and asks a new question Cast Question (CQ)!

0:00 Introduction

1:15 Last episode’s Cast Question

6:32 New Cast Question

10:27 Anime or Ani-Made up?

16:59 Motivation and Themes in Spirited AwayIntroduction

22:12 Discussion—Chihiro and confidence

27:23 Discussion—No Face and a wrong satisfaction 

33:49 Discussion—Boh and

37:17 Discussion—Haku, Savior and Saved

40:32 Discussion—Closing Themes

43:44 Closing

And we want your feedback as well! Each week we ask a question on the podcast and feature your answers on the next episode. Here’s this week’s CQ (Cast Question): What is one of your most memorable movie scenes and why?

Podcast Links:

  • The team talks about Chihiro’s growth in confidence, and we’ve written about the same here on the blog.

  • Don’t have Spirited Away in your collection? You can hop over to Amazon to purchase it. A special collector’s edition will also be coming out in a couple months.

  • The team also mentioned The Way Home, Les Miserables, and Gladiator, which are all available for purchase, and Miracle in Cell No. 7, which can be streamed.

  • David and Holly may have never watched Noragami (wut) or even heard of Nodame Cantabile (double wut), but we’ve written about both on our blog. Check out this article about Christmas romance in Nodame, and this post about Noragami and grace that was one of an entire week full of posts about that series.

  • Peter isn’t the only one to see Yubaba as a shrewd businesswoman.

  • Of course, she also steals names—and that’s something we’ve also discussed.

  • Featured art by Ebiinoi (reprinted w/permission).

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Featuring music by Celotron (all rights reserved) and mixed by David.

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TangleCast 63: The Characters of Spirited Away

TangleCast 63: The Characters of Spirited Away