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Tapping Into Endless Energy - 099

Tapping Into Endless Energy - 099

Update: 2019-10-0830


How many of you feel burnt out on life? Why is it then some people thrive the more they have going on, while other people just get by?⠀

Sometimes, even when we’re caring for our energy, it still seems to run out too quickly. You start checking things off your to do list and a few tasks in you're wiped and need a glass of wine and a Gilmore Girls marathon and just can’t until Monday.⠀

But then you turn on the TV and you see Beyonce freaking slaying it at life and think, she’s been twerking for 37 minutes straight and I’ve been holding my pee through 3 commercials breaks just so I don’t have to get off this couch.⠀

What if we have more energy than we think we do? We tend to think of our energy as a limited supply.⠀

But what if there’s a deeper sense of energy that we can tap into at any moment? We just need to know how. That’s what we’re talking about today.⠀

Our guest is Rajshree Patel, a mind and meditation expert and an international self-awareness coach. Over the last 30 years, she has taught hundreds of thousands of people in more than 35 countries the ancient tools for accessing the innate source of energy, creativity, and fulfillment⠀

We will learn:The worst habits that drain our natural energyHow to stop swimming upstream and flow with the natural order of thingsHow to tap into our limitless vital force⠀

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Jo Thole

Impact your vibe by your perspective and outlook ❤

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Tapping Into Endless Energy - 099

Tapping Into Endless Energy - 099

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