Tapping To Say "Yes" More (Pod #457)

Tapping To Say "Yes" More (Pod #457)

Update: 2020-05-18


New York City is a wacky place. One of the things that I have encountered firsthand is how amazingly different the dating scene is here compared with other cities.

First, there are millions of people, many of whom are single, which vastly increases the pool of potential dates. Second, everyone is very busy so dates can be short (and feel a bit rushed) because everyone seems to have less time. Third, because of the first two points, people move on to the next prospective suitor more quickly than I have experienced other places.

Because of this I have met some fascinating and wonderful women, I have consumed lots of really good food and drink on these dates, and I have been on more first dates in my short time in NYC than most people go on in their entire life.

In this process I've learned two major lessons that have impacted my entire life:

  1. Say yes more.
  2. Making sure your yes means yes and your no means no.

Embracing these two lessons in all parts of life, not just dating, has made my life richer and my relationships stronger.

In this episode I have included a tap-along audio for each lesson.

You can find the full tapping script of this audio as a pdf over at Tapping Q and A Podcast Scripts and Transcripts.

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Tapping To Say "Yes" More (Pod #457)

Tapping To Say "Yes" More (Pod #457)

Gene Monterastelli