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Tarana Burke and Brené on Being Heard and Seen

Tarana Burke and Brené on Being Heard and Seen

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Tarana is a good friend and one of my favorite people on earth. She has been working at the intersection of racial justice and gender equity for nearly three decades, and she started the “Me Too” Movement in 2006.  In 2017, when the #metoo hashtag went viral, Tarana emerged as a global leader in the evolving conversation around sexual violence.

In this episode we talk about how her theory of “empowerment through empathy” is changing the way the world thinks and talks about sexual violence, consent, and social justice. AND, we also talk/cry/laugh about falling in love, running as fast as we can from love, and the perils of sharing a bathroom with the guys we love.

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michele brown

Thank you ...much love and respect!

May 24th

Trisha Owen

I really appreciate your acknowkedgement that shame is not a social justice tool. Thanks for being such a light in this world. Hate, rage shame all come from fear. Empathy, understanding and peace all spring from Love for yourself and humanity. Love is the antidote. It is the answer. Thanks for spreading the Love!

Apr 23rd

Siedah ML

thank you for doing your part to give platform for these important conversations. Tarana is an amazing individual. as are you both. your podcast helps stretch the reaches for this topic. the most important value to hold onto is that we aren't different. but to bridge the discrepancies that socioeconomic issues play in these tragedies we first have to have those difficult converations and own our parts. cheers ladies. and thank you for putting yourself on the front lines and being whole hearted warriors.

Apr 17th

Teresa clevenger

Thank you so much for this and putting into words some of the things I have dealt with.

Apr 15th

Britney Lee

I struggle with not blaming myself, especially since now that people know they say I'm a liar. I'm really struggling. and I was just physically assaulted by this person's new girlfriend. I'm confused at how another female could be so un-empathetic and so awful to another female. I have never been so shocked. I have never thought someone was a 'liar' about something so .. shameful and that was such a violation. I always believe females. This is not something to lie about.

Apr 9th

Jordyn Kapperman

thank you! I didn't know memory issues could be from childhood sexual abuse. keep up with the deep conversations! we need this 💜

Apr 1st

Ginnie Plauche

thank you for your work Brene Brown. I absolutely loved hearing Tarana and agree with her last statement, you formalized many of the things I was already working out and I am so grateful for it!

Mar 29th

Rebecca Anderson

Thank you thank you thank you. "we talked about being afraid of the dark". Me too Tarana. I didn't know that other survivors have this experience as adults.

Mar 23rd








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Tarana Burke and Brené on Being Heard and Seen

Tarana Burke and Brené on Being Heard and Seen

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