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Tech Isn’t Coming For Your Job with Nejeed Kassam

Tech Isn’t Coming For Your Job with Nejeed Kassam

Update: 2023-05-31


This episode is sponsored by my friends at Keela,  a comprehensive fundraising and donor management software that will help you expand your reach, increase fundraising revenue, and foster a dedicated community of supporters.

Several of my clients are currently using Keela and have continued to be impressed with how easy it is to use, how affordable it is and most importantly, the results that they see and the impact they are able to create.

Keela is hosting a webinar, led by me, on June 6 -
How to Drive Donations and Get Engagement Using Social Media. It’s totally free, and you can get all the details and sign up by clicking here.

The power and potential of smart technology and artificial intelligence (AI) for fundraisers hasn’t been more apparent, but there are many misconceptions around it. Will the bots replace the humans? How can we use this revolutionary technology for good and not evil?

My guest this week is Nejeed Kassam, CEO and Founder of Keela, a donor management and fundraising platform designed to help nonprofits raise more. 

We discuss:  

  • How generative AI and other smart technology tools are changing the fundraising world - for good
  • How nonprofits can make a case to leverage these tools in their organization
  • What kind of data nonprofits should collect and how to use it  
  • How to become a data-driven organization to create even more impact

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About Julia Campbell, the host of the Nonprofit Nation podcast:

Named as a top thought leader by Forbes and BizTech Magazine, Julia Campbell (she/hers) is an author, coach, and speaker on a mission to make the digital world a better place.

She wrote her book, Storytelling in the Digital Age: A Guide for Nonprofits, as a roadmap for social change agents who want to build movements using engaging digital storytelling techniques. Her second book, How to Build and Mobilize a Social Media Community for Your Nonprofit, was published in 2020 as a call-to-arms for mission-driven organizations to use the power of social media to build movements.

Julia’s online courses, webinars, and keynote talks have helped hundreds of nonprofits make the shift to digital thinking and how to do effective marketing in the digital age. 

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Tech Isn’t Coming For Your Job with Nejeed Kassam

Tech Isn’t Coming For Your Job with Nejeed Kassam

Julia Campbell