DiscoverRise From The AshesTech Leadership Forged in Adversity with Jason Bennett
Tech Leadership Forged in Adversity with Jason Bennett

Tech Leadership Forged in Adversity with Jason Bennett

Update: 2024-04-29


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Ever wondered how the principles of combat apply to the cutthroat world of startups? Join us as Jason Bennett, ex-special ops and now the CEO of Brilliantly Done LLC, maps out his transformation from military strategist to tech titan, sharing the pivotal email epiphany that catapulted his passion for innovation. Our candid discussion peels back the layers of Jason's personal struggle with alcoholism, revealing how his victory over addiction became a cornerstone of his desire to mentor burgeoning entrepreneurs. And as a man who finds solace in the serene Northwest wilderness, Jason's tapestry of experiences stitches together a narrative that's as inspiring as it is enlightening.

Prepare to shift gears and dissect the anatomy of resilience with a man who's navigated through life's most formidable challenges. We wade through the wisdom imparted by Jason's mentors, who've armed him with lessons in leadership that anchor his entrepreneurial ethos. But it's not all about the hard knocks; Jason also decodes the sacred daily rituals that turbocharge his productivity, from the echoes of Bruce Lee's philosophies to Steve Jobs' masterclass in the art of refusal. As you tune in, let Jason's roadmap to crafting a compelling vision serve as your beacon, illuminating the path to personal triumph and business success.

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Friends, our time together is coming to a close. Before we part ways, I sincerely thank you for joining me on this thought-provoking journey. I aim to provide perspectives and insights that spark self-reflection and positive change.

If any concepts we explored resonated with you, I kindly request that you share this episode with someone who may benefit from its message. And please, reach out anytime - I’m always eager to hear your biggest aspirations, pressing struggles, and lessons learned.

My door is open at my Denver office and digitally via my website. If you want to go deeper and transform confusion into clarity on your quest for purpose, visit and schedule a coaching session.

This is Baz Porter signing off with immense gratitude. Stay bold, stay faithful, and know that you always have an empathetic ear and wise mind in your corner. Until next time!

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Tech Leadership Forged in Adversity with Jason Bennett

Tech Leadership Forged in Adversity with Jason Bennett

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