DiscoverBusy Being BlackTed Brown – Live at UK Black Pride 2021
Ted Brown – Live at UK Black Pride 2021

Ted Brown – Live at UK Black Pride 2021

Update: 2021-07-17


Ted Brown is one of our most important and formidable elders. He's an activist and change maker, who’s been fighting for the rights of black and LGBTQ people for over 50 years. An original member of the Gay Liberation Front, Ted was instrumental in organising the UK’s first pride March through London. He’s been at the forefront of campaigns to demand better treatment of LGBTQ people in the media and he’s been a vocal advocate for addressing homophobia within Black communities and racism in the LGBTQ community.

Ted and I sat down for a live conversation at UK Black Pride’s 2021 virtual pride celebration, Love and Rage, to explore the sparks that ignited his activism, our shared connection to Bayard Rustin, what he’s learned about love and rage, and his advice to a new generation of activists and change makers.

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Ted Brown – Live at UK Black Pride 2021

Ted Brown – Live at UK Black Pride 2021

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