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Tenacity: Gita Sjahrir of R Fitness

Tenacity: Gita Sjahrir of R Fitness

Update: 2020-09-21


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The term “tenacity” seems to be the one attribute that today’s guest has shown at every major point in her career. Gita Sjahrir, CEO of R Fitness, describes how a debilitating case of rheumatoid arthritis helped inform her decision to become one of Jakarta’s most dynamic entrepreneurs in the health and wellness space. 

Tenacity also clearly came into play as Gita navigated no less than 65 rejections on her path to becoming Southeast Asia's first fitness brand to raise VC funding. Eschewing the “Lululemon-wearing girls who can afford anything,” Gita sought to introduce brands that “can be enjoyed by most stratas of society.” Her new offering “Pod”, for instance, is one of the most affordable gyms in all of Indonesia. At only IDR25,000 per hour, the gym also offers Wi Fi, towels and all of the basic needs available at more expensive establishments.

The onset of COVID has “helped us become a better company” says Gita, acting to accelerate R Fitness’ launch of its online business. An active student of languages and voracious reader, Gita does not bemoan the challenges that face female entrepreneurs. “You may have to work three, four or five times harder than male entrepreneurs” Gita says, exhorting female tech aspirants to “think of a marathon…look at all your limitations and see them as a way for you to become better than you already are.”

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Tenacity: Gita Sjahrir of R Fitness

Tenacity: Gita Sjahrir of R Fitness

Alan Hellawell