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Thank you for not being silent

Thank you for not being silent

Update: 2023-04-11


#070. This week I'm reading your words, instead of mine.

If you're anything like me, telling others about the kind words and compliments we receive is uncomfortable. So when I've had lovely feedback about the podcast, instead of making it public and reading it out on the episodes - like a lot of other podcasts do - I've kept it to myself. But no more!

Welcome to The Silent Why, a podcast on a mission to open up conversations around loss and grief and see if hope can be found in 101 different types of loss. A podcast with a lot of really lovely reviews and feedback! Well, I say a lot - we could definitely do with some more.

Over the 18 months I've (Claire Sandys) been podcasting, I've heard my name or words a few times on other podcasts as they read out feedback or comments I've submitted, and it always makes me smile and feel recognised and appreciated. And this week I thought to myself, 'Why don't I do that more often on my podcast?!', because I LOVE hearing from those who listen.

So I'm trying it myself, and I'm starting by sharing some of the comments and reviews you've left me.

A huge THANK YOU to you for listening, sharing the podcast and getting in touch.

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Thank you for not being silent

Thank you for not being silent

Claire Sandys