That's Golf!

That's Golf!

Update: 2019-08-101


It’s not often that we see typically restrained professional golfers behaving more like rugby league reprobates but sometimes you’ve just got to throw your hands up and say ‘hey, that’s golf.’ Danish golfer Thorbjorn Olesen mid-flight antics are straight from the footy trip playbook. Drunk? Check. Urinating in the aisle? Check. Common assault? Check.

But hey… That’s Golf!

Sally Pearson has hung up her spikes and we salute you, Sally! In fact, Roy’s idea to honour our greatest hurdler is rapidly gathering widespread support: The Sally Pearson Anzay Spirit Medal.

Steve Smith is The Don 2.0 and the banned trio’s redemption story is cinematic. Starring David Warner, AKA The Brains. Cameron Bancroft AKA Action Man. Steve Smith AKA Blind Guy. Justin Langer AKA The Game’s Greatest Thinker. Three words: Box Office Smash.

Speaking of cricket, to the vexed issue of balancing the WAGS. Do they keep the players grounded, or do they break the bond of men? Gossip among the WAGS, when fed back to the players, can lead to divided loyalties. Cricket is a soap opera, shall we schedule a test in Summer Bay?

All bets are off at Collingwood -- or are they?! A spicy rumour was emphatically denied by the club but the source of the scandalous accusation has a distinctly Navy Blue whiff to it… old enemies on new media. It’s the devil’s work.

The NRL is considering broadcasting judiciary hearings in a bid to improve transparency, and after the success of So You Think You Can Build A Stadium, Roy and HG have their reality TV producers hats on again. Karl Stefanovic could host it, and fans could punt on the punishment. Ratings bonanza.

Where exactly is the Rugby League hall of fame? HG has scaled the East Coast and can’t find it anywhere. And what are the duties of a hall of famer? Is it to stoke the fire igniting Rugby League's eternal flame? Why fracking bans should be lifted to convert the Eternal Flame to gas.

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That's Golf!

That's Golf!

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